Kicks for Kickboxing

Recently, I was on the hunt for new sneakers for kickboxing. I have two different pairs of Nikes, and while they’re comfortable, I realized they were definitely more for lifestyle use rather than supportive for a workout.

It’s hard to shop for workouts like kickboxing, crossfit and similar activities. There is no category on a sneaker website for something like that. You’ll scroll through plenty of basketball, tennis, even cheerleading shoes, but not kickboxing (which is expected – it’s not a sport you see at schools and colleges, and it’s certainly not as popular as those mentioned). This encouraged me to do some research, which led me to Big Hit Kickboxing Studios’ blog article, “The Best 9 Shoes To Wear For Kickboxing.” I took them up on their Metcon suggestion and ordered Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 2.


Great choice on my part (thank you, random blog) – they passed the CKO test. What I love about these shoes is not only do they provide support and stability, but they’re lightweight and extremely comfortable. If I don’t have on a good sneaker when I’m working out (hell, even walking), my ankles will swell, and this happened often after kickboxing in my old shoes. Trust me, it kills. I haven’t had this problem yet with my new Nikes. So… problem solved!


Even though this blog post is about how great these sneakers are for kickboxing, we don’t have to ignore the fact that they’re cute as hell. I got mine in Black/White/Black, but they come in a variety of other color combinations (the one I chose just happened to be on sale). I’ve always wanted a pair of Flyknits, and now I know why people constantly rave about them.

Do you kickbox and have a preferred sneaker to work out in? Let me know in the comments below!


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