Nobody Likes You When You’re 23

Curse all of you fake Blink bandwagon fans who quote “What’s My Age Again?” on your 23rd birthday when you never had an emo phase in your teens. Name three of their songs. How angled were your side bangs? Did you even step foot in Hot Topic? Zumiez? Don’t talk to me.

As the song goes…

And that’s about the time she walked away from me
Nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three.

Total jam. It’s on every playlist I’ve ever created. True story.

I turn 23 years old on May 26.

21 was cool, because I could finally satisfy my inner grandpa by having a gin and tonic without worrying about whether or not a bouncer was going to double-check my ID. 22 kind of sucked, because everyone thought I was lying and secretly 19. I feel like no one lies and says they’re 23. It’s such a random number to choose. Maybe I’ll stop being harassed about my age. Maybe not. Despite all these numbers, I still look about 16, 17 years old, max.

22 was truly awesome. There were a lot of “firsts.” I started my new job right after my birthday, which I love, including the people I’ve met there (shoutout to my coworkers, y’all rock). 2017 ended on a beach in the Caribbean. 2018 started with me moving into my first apartment in a new city, far, far away from the Long Island Rail Road, AKA Hell. Both have been fantastic to me. I feel at home. I purchased my first gym membership with CKO Kickboxing in Jersey City, which has me feeling incredible about myself, both physically and mentally. I was given the opportunity to go on my first business trip to a conference in Las Vegas, which was SO COOL. I don’t even care that I got sick again. 22 made it to the “Top 5 Years of Dianna’s Life” list. So many great memories, trips and new faces to look back on and celebrate.

I have high hopes for 23. I want to travel some more. I want to continue to build my professional skills and rise up the corporate ladder. I want to learn a new, less-useful-but-still-cool skill, like playing the guitar or becoming really great at baking. I want to continue to write for myself and for others on this blog, because it helps me both personally and professionally. I want to get “fit.” I want to get my shit together when it comes to my nutrition. I want to attend more local events in my area, like food festivals and free classes. I want a lot of things. Do I need them? Maybe, maybe not. But I think I can make them all happen.

There’s one thing I know I need to learn, and I’d like this to be the year I learn it. I need to be OK with not being in control all the time. That’s going to be extremely tough for me; this OCD-diagnosed Gemini doesn’t take it lightly (cue anxiety attacks, anger issues, overall losing my mind). I feel that 23 is the year I’ll be able to finally come to terms with this. Or not. We’ll try.

T-minus two days until my birthday! Fuck, what am I going to wear?


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