REVIEW: Anese Makes a Mask For Your Butt. Seriously.

Happy Tuesday, readers! I was recently targeted by an ad campaign on Instagram – being that they know me by now and understand that I have zero self-control when it comes to aesthetically-pleasing Instagram advertisements and need to check out whatever’s being placed on my timeline – by a brand called Anese“Serious skincare for babes who don’t take life too seriously.” Hey, that sounded like me! And, well, every other human being on Earth, but me, too!


They’re known for their sassy product names and infamous butt scrubs and masks. Yes, you read that correctly: scrubs and masks for your butt. Why would you need something like that, you ask? Here’s the product description for their Booty Duo, which includes Down with the Thickness and That Booty Tho (these product names are truly awesome):

We’re making booty care a thing. Our collagen mask and booty scrub is made just for your booty to target stretch marks, unwanted blemishes. It detoxes, firms, plumps and softens. Kaolin and Bentonite clay work to cleanse while pro-Vitamin B5 and B3 nourish. Top that with marine collagen which plumps and firms making your butt feel and look supple. Our booty scrub is made to slough off dead skin cells, promoting re-generation while conditioning your bum.

Claims: Not tested on animals, essential oil free, non-comodegenic.

Something I didn’t know I wanted, but now desperately needed in my skincare routine.


The reviews don’t lie: I’ve only been using the duo for a few days and already see a difference. My skin is noticeably smoother around those target areas. I don’t see much of a change yet in terms of stretch marks, but I’m hoping that’s to come (I don’t hate them too much, anyway).

This stuff smells INCREDIBLE. Both products are messy, though, so stick to the showers when using both the scrub and when you first apply the mask. The ingredients lists are easy to read on the products because, as the site says, “We only use ingredients that are totally necessary for an effective product that smells good. That means you can ACTUALLY understand our labels. All of our products are made in our lab after careful research and testing. We do not test on animals and never will because it’s 2018 for pete sakes.” Truuuuue. Thanks, Anese.

My only real complaint is that I wish the products came in larger sizes. It seems that I’m going to run out soon, and I’d be willing to pay a higher price for the duo if they came in bigger bottles. It’s something I believe I’ll use pretty frequently.

One last thing: how freaking cute is their packaging/overall branding? In love.

Have you tried this product before? Let me know in the comments below!












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