Do you believe in magic?! Just kidding.

I’m not a good blogger. Therefore, as one might expect from a lash growth serum review, I do not have before and after photos of my own eyelashes. I suck. Forgive me, subscribe to my blog out of pity and keep reading.

However, I can try my best provide an articulate account of my experience with SHISEIDO’s Full Lash and Brow Serum after purchasing it a few weeks ago from Sephora. Here we go.

First off, shout out to Sephora for catching my original lost package, sending it back to the warehouse, refunding me and letting me repurchase the serum, all within the span of a week. Amazing customer service, as per usual.

I was on the market for a lash serum because I made the bold decision to try out lash extensions again from a new place I’ve never been to in Jersey City. What I had forgotten about was, every time I get eyelash extensions, my own lashes seem to fall out along with the artificial, giving me “bald spots” on my lash line. Awful, especially when you put on mascara and your lashes amount to four small clusters across your lash line. I needed a quick (or as quick as it could be) fix to my problem and did a little bit of research, which led me to find SHISEIDO, conveniently available for purchase at Sephora to give me some points and two-day shipping.

The serum is $35, which, compared to more high-grade serums I saw online, isn’t that bad. Since receiving it in the mail, I’ve used it every night after washing off my makeup. I usually put the serum on my finger and place it on my lash line from there, because the brush gets dirty easily. It’s been three weeks.

I’ve definitely seen a change in the thickness of my lashes. The bare spots are slowly growing in, so my lashes don’t look sparse anymore. I haven’t seen much of a change in length, but my lashes are long to begin with, so I wasn’t expecting much of a difference. It hasn’t been a very long time yet, but so far, I’m happy with what’s happening.

Here are the images of one person’s results as provided by Sephora:

The results aren’t drastically different, but you can see a change in the fullness of her lash line, along with a bit of growth in length. So far, it’s done the same for my lashes.

Sephora says that if there will be results, you’ll probably see them after eight weeks of daily use. However, this isn’t guaranteed, as everyone’s body’s are different and react differently to products.

Some people swear by serums; others don’t want to waste the money trying. Overall, if you’re unhappy with the way your natural lashes look and have $35 to blow on a serum that has the possibility of helping, do it. It was worth a shot for me and seems to be helping… so far.

Have you tried this product or a different lash serum? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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