DIY: The Baby Betting Game

The Kentucky Derby just passed and you’re looking to get creative for a pregnant momma in your life. What better way to keep the betting alive than to incorporate it into a game for her baby shower? After doing a quick sweep of Pinterest, my coworkers and I came up with this really cute game that’s sure to entertain both guests and the mom-to-be.

How It Works:
It’s pretty simple: guests are asked to bet on things about the baby. Whether it be the time that they’ll be born, or how much they’ll weigh, or whether they’ll say “dada” or “momma” as their first word, the goal is to get it right. Guests can drop a notecard with their name and guess in each jar for the host to read later. It’s a really cute way of getting everyone engaged and competitive.

What You’ll Need:
Mason Jars
Chalk Marker
Chalkboard Place Cards

Time It Took To Make: 5 minutes

Total Cost: $30 (You can probably find some of these items for a lot cheaper at Michael’s or AC Moore; we just went through Amazon to keep it all in one order.)

What To Do:
It’s as simple as it seems.
1. Come up with a few categories you think would be fun to bet on about the baby; we chose the date and time he would be born and his weight and height.
2. Use the chalk marker to write the different categories on the place cards. It needs to be shaken and pressed down on a couple of times before it starts to work, so be patient!
3. Cut up the ribbon and tie bows around the top of the mason jars.
4. Print guessing cards (we used a label template Microsoft Word provided) with “Name” and “Answer” written on each. Cut them up into separate cards.

And that’s it! It’s simple and fun for everyone involved (and let’s be honest, even if no one touched it, at least it looks really cute and decorative). Let me know if you try it in the comments below!



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