REVIEW: A Night with Lush Cosmetics

Ladies, please don’t get upset when your man starts preaching about how “Saturdays are for the boys.” This just means the house is peacefully quiet and you have some time for yourself. Besides – it’s pretty clear women have every other day of the week, anyway. *insert girl shrugging emoji here*

I spent my Saturday morning watching best-of videos of marriage proposals/pregnancy announcement videos (literally, why???) on YouTube and made myself a pretty healthy breakfast, so after I got washed up, I went to the mall. I grabbed an Aloha Açaí Bowl for lunch from Juice Generation, which was delicious and filled me up right away. Naturally, the aroma of Lush Cosmetics lured me in. I decided it was time to finally try a bath bomb.

I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, seeing as though girls on my Instagram have a bath bomb exploding with pretty colors in water on their story every other day. I picked out two bath bombs (you can check out the full collection here – by the way, their new Easter bath bombs are ADORABLE). One was Intergalactic and the other was Sex Bomb. I used Intergalactic tonight and it was absolutely amazing.

First off, the colors in the water are SO COOL. I now understand your obsession, Instagram girls. Second, it smelled as incredible as it did in the store. The scent was not overwhelming (some strong scents give me really bad headaches, so I’m careful with what I pick and use) and I honestly didn’t want to get out of the water. I love and use a million other Lush Cosmetics products already, but I’ve just added bath bombs to my list of regulars. On top of that, each one was only about $8. I’ve seen them range in stores from $3-$10, and because of the size of these things, I’d say it’s worth every penny. Thanks again, Lush Cosmetics.

What do you think of bath bombs?


One thought on “REVIEW: A Night with Lush Cosmetics

  1. Great post and welcome to the world of bath bombs! I would highly recommend you try Twilight bath bomb it’s a lovely malty almost toffee smell 😍


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