REVIEW: YumYum Tea Detox

First of all, let me start by saying when I try to look up this tea detox now, it’s nowhere to be found. There’s “Yum Tea” but not “YumYum Tea” which concerns me (JUST A LITTLE!!!). Maybe that’s why it didn’t work as described. There’s going to be a lot of tea-sipping in this post – pun completely intended.

I lost little to no weight while drinking this. I did not get a tighter tummy more easily while drinking this. Some detoxes make you lose that uncomfortable bloating around your stomach by causing you to go to the bathroom – it didn’t even do THAT. Don’t trust everything you see being endorsed by your favorite bloggers. That’s where I found a coupon code for this particular product.

Tea detoxes cannot work alone. You need to continue to diet and exercise while you use it. All of these detoxes that promise you a flattering figure and a healthier look usually fail to mention this or put it in really small lettering on the bottom of the box. I typically hit the gym at least three times a week and keep a well-balanced diet. I still didn’t see any drastically different results from the tea. THANKS A LOT!

This might sound pretty obvious to some, but for those who like to have a cup of tea to calm you down before bed like myself, fair warning, this is not that tea. Look out for the “with caffeine” sign on the box (it may be in small lettering next to fruit that is hiding it…). Most detox teas contain caffeine to help get rid of an unwanted appetite, go to the bathroom and give that extra boost of energy to work out. This tea didn’t do that, either.

Be careful with some of these random tea detox brands that famous bloggers are promoting. You may not get the best in the bunch. You may even get little to zero results like I did. End rant.

To read more about tea detoxes, check out these two articles from Shape and The Huffington Post.

Have you had a similar experience? Or have you found a tea detox that actually works for you?



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