White and Gold

I’ve always been obsessed with white and gold. My prom dress was white and gold. Most of my phone cases are white and gold. Any planner I’ve gotten in the past few years have been white and gold. So when my family moved a few towns over last summer and I had the chance to change up my bedding and bathroom accessories, you could probably guess what color scheme I was leaning towards. Hard.

I wanted to go for a minimalistic look without being super plain. Throw pillows can normally help with that. Mine were found on Amazon. It’s as simple as that. I use Amazon for everything, pretty much. I looked through this search to find two perfect pillows for my bed. The gold sheets were picked up in Bed Bath & Beyond. I spend hours in that store. The all-white comforter is my favorite look, but I kind of regret getting into it. They get dirty easily and white doesn’t always wash so well. This one was from iZod.

P.S. How cute is that Mac decal? When I wanted to get rid of the million stickers I had on my laptop, I replaced it with this beautiful one from – you guessed it – Amazon.

In any case, I was and still am obsessed with my new room. I wouldn’t change a thing!


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